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The health consultants of TRI HEALTH STORE in Houston are here to outline the perfect wellness and diet plans for you. We are built on a knowledgeable staff, name-brand products, and sincere service. This dedication to truly helping our clients is a large part of why we have been cherished by the community and the surrounding areas since 1982.


At TRI HEALTH STORE, we carry unique products and wholesome food to encourage a healthy lifestyle for all of our customers. You can enhance your life in countless aspects, and whether you are focusing on dietary needs, exercise, or skin care, we have the perfect solution. Our passion about our products and mission has even been featured in the 2017 winter issue of Good Health Magazine. Come in today, and learn how we can help transform your life.

Our Mission

At Tri Health, our mission is clear: to share our health and wellness knowledge so that we may help our valued customers achieve their desired health goals.